A basic C standard library under a permissive license which is intended to be easy to port to hobbyist operating system projects
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libc.hiken is a C library which is intended to be easily portable to hobbyist operating systems. An aspiring operating system programmer will most likely struggle with the lack of the standard library and might get demotivated by the complexity of programming one. The libc.hiken wants to help them concentrate on the operating system core.

Design Goals

  • Ease of porting
    An OS developer should be able to integrate as much of libc.hiken as possible without having to dig deep into this code.

  • Readability
    Even though the code is written by someone else, libc.hiken should allow quick insights into the program logic. It is explicitly allowed to sacrifice high performance for readability. This is not necessarily negative because any optimizations are left as a valuable exercise to the reader.


Information and current code are available at the Github page. Comments, improvements, forks and pull requests are as always highly appreciated!


libc.hiken is licensed under the ISC license (see the LICENSE file for details). If you are working on a operating system, you should have no problems with incorporating this code (especially if your OS is open source).

If you feel unsure about licensing or need an exemption, feel free to contact me over Github.