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First of all, please read COPYING.  Note that the text of the lessons is
courtesy of Dan Wood <>, and that they are available in
the original html format at

After that, just type

and when it's done, try running ``./dvorak7min''.

If you get screwed up chars on the keyboard layout, you might want to try:

  rm ~/.terminfo -R
and, if that doesn't work, try uncommenting the COLORS and/or the
NOT_SO_PRETTY lines in the Makefile, and doing a ``make clean all''.  You
have a few other options in the Makefile, have a look to them.

In addition of the built-in lessons, you can use any ascii file (as Smoke
suggests, Gutenberg books are good idea).  Just specify the filename as an
argument to the program, and you are done. 

If you are satisfied with the program, simply

        make install
Remember that you can set your keyboard map with

Btw, the backspace key should work anywhere ;)

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