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Playing around with various scripts for the Scriptable app on iOS.

Widgets List


Displays useful information about your day in a Discord-themed widget!

Currently shows information such as:

  • Today's date
  • Weather (temperature, feels like, high, low, conditions) in your local area
  • Any upcoming events on your calendar

Please make sure to update WIDGET_CONFIGURATIONS to set things like your openweather.api API key, and to see other configurable variables, such as:

  • Banner color
  • Background colors
  • Icon

I would also reccommend getting the GenerateTransparentBackground script and using the output of that as the background for the Discord Widget. Then you can get a look like the screenshot below:



This widget displays the current (or most recently refreshed) time as a word clock. The widget can be customized to use a background photo, or background color; font name, size, and color, and other things. See WIDGET_CONFIGURATIONS for other configurable variables.



Due to the delay in the Scriptable widget refresh, the time displayed might be a bit behind... there is really no workaround for this issue at this time.


This widget displays events from your calendars for the next given number of days, with a customizable window of the number of hours to show. The number of days, number of hours, and the starting hour, are configurable within the script. The configuration also allows for filtering events from certain calendars. Please use the LARGE widget size for best display results.

All widget configurations/behaviors can be found by updating the WIDGET_CONFIGURATIONS (comments and descriptions included in the code).

MultiDayCalendarWidget MultiDayCalendarWidgetSetup


This widget displays all-day events, and any upcoming events within the moving window of the next 6 hours (number of hours is configurable). Also allows for filtering events from certain calendars, and will open the calendar of your choice on-press.

All widget configurations/behaviors can be found by updating WIDGET_CONFIGURATIONS (comments and descriptions included in the code).

CalendarEventsWidget CalendarEventsWidget2

Set Up

Configure the widget set-up on your homescreen, as shown in the below screenshot: CalendarEventsWidgetSetup


Multiple events for an hour are currently drawn on top of each other. Need to reduce the width of events based on how many are in each hour.

DailyLogWidget v2 (AggregatedDailyLogs)

And updated look to the DailyLogWidget, showing a data grid of activites completed for each day.


  • Customizable list of activites
  • Customizable number of days to show in the grid
  • Automatically creates a new log entry for the new day at 5 AM (time is customizable)
  • Clicking on Widget brings up a dialog to update activites completed or not completed
  • The data for each day is saved in iCloud (JSON format), where the filename is in the format YYYY_MM_DD



Customizable list of things and colors. Creates a new "log" for each day at 5 AM (time is also customizable for when you want the new day to start).

Click on the Widget to bring up a dialog to update things you've completed for the day. The data for each day is saved in iCloud (JSON format), in it's own file, where the filename name is in the format YYYY-MM-DD.



Inspired by evandcoleman, but re-written for my own data.

Currently, this widget shows information about:

  • next calendar event
  • next work calendar event
  • weather
  • location
  • days until period start/end
  • device stats (battery and screen brightness)



Copied from evandcoleman. This is used to cache values for the TerminalWidget, DailyLogWidget.