A powerful object orientated and "model-view-controller"-based framework built and used by YAY!Scripting
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YAY!Scripting Framework does include the following functions and uses:

  • Build your application based on the "model-view-controller" structure
  • Use Smarty in your views
  • Make processing a form easy with our forms module, validate with regular expressions and more easy to use functions
  • Use one of the many helpers
  • Caching made easy for javascript, css and templates
  • Find errors in your application with very accurate error information
  • Create a command line based application with all the function of the YAY!Scripting framework
  • Add event based PHP-code to be executed
  • Build forms with magic, use Xinha
  • All configuration in one place and easily extendable for your own uses
  • Many easy to use - and very safe - database functions
  • Sending mails never has been easier with Swift combined with the YAY!Scripting framework
  • Reaching your application via Javascript has been made easy via the COM
  • Use encryption in your database with simply adding a couple of configuration variables in your models
  • Building a multiple language website is no problem with the built in language functions
  • CSS with ease using LESS
  • Extend YAY!Scripting framework with your own classes without any limitations
  • If so configured, automatically include Mootools
  • Add an unlimited amount of environments to your application
  • And just many more...


We are currently writing our GitHub wiki pages. Currently available:

  1. Controllers
  2. Models


The copyright of this framework can be found here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/ Full copyrights can be found in the LICENSE-file.


We include some libraries that were not developed by us. We tried to search for all licenses and other material, but if anyone thinks they have some kind of right: just mail us, and we will see what we can do about it.


You can feel free to ask any questions to one of our developers. However we do not make any promises, we will try to help you as good as possible.

Bugs & Docs

Bugs can be issued in the issue-part of github, documentation is available at http://phpdoc.yayscripting.nl/. Please note that the documentation is not as elaborated as we wish it should be.


Contact us at contact@yayscripting.nl, or contact one of our developers: Jacco Brandt jacco@yayscripting.nl; Jesse Degger jesse@yayscripting.nl