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This is the audio page.

Facebook doesn’t host songs (although they have band pages and host videos…).
Which means you’ll have to use an external file hosting service (or host them yourself).
In the first part we’ll see how to host your song at a service (here we use a fileden account).
Then we’ll see how to add the song to your facebook band page.
Keep in mind that the whole process makes the song url public so any user may download it.

Hosting your song at fileden

Here is an example with fileden, but you can use any song hosting
service as long as you have your song url after uploading it.

create a fileden account

go to http://www.fileden.com/ > register > personal account.
Fill in the forms.

upload songs

  1. Go to upload page.
  2. Upload your file

get your song url

  1. Go to files
  2. right click on the file you need
  3. go to propertios
  4. Linking code: url
  5. Copy the url

Adding the song to your facebook page

Past a song url to your facebook page feed:

Then give it a name:

Add additional info if you want (currently not used on web page):

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