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"There's something eerily tingly about seeing a browser run by itself."



This is a fork of the original project to put Watir onto Safari. The project had pull requests waiting for a year to be merged, and I needed some changes (and WatirWebdriver wasn't working on my system), so instead of moaning about it I've forked the project and cleared away the cobwebs to move things forward. Many people have contributed to this in the past, and I'd be very glad if that continues, and I'll be trying my best to keep this project alive.


Mac OS X running Safari. Some features require you to turn on "Enable access for assistive devices" in System Preferences > Universal Access.


require 'safariwatir'

browser =
browser.text_field(:name, "q").set("obtiva")
browser.button(:name, "btnI").click
puts "FAILURE" unless browser.contains_text("software")


[sudo] gem install safariwatir

or (probably if you're going to contribute)

git clone git://
cd safariwatir
gem install bundler
bundle install --binstubs --path vendor
git submodule update --init

Running SafariWatir against WatirSpec

bin/rspec spec


Any contribution is more than welcome. Forking is easy on Github, give it a try!

WatirSpec is the emergent standard for the Watir API. Not all of the functionality described by WatirSpec is currently supported. A really good way to contribute would be to fix a few failing specs as defined by WatirSpec.

See "Running SafariWatir Against WatirSpec" to get started.

Please try to create new feature branches from the develop branch. See for the development model.

Also, please add documentation to any code you write with Yardoc comments. See for a bit of help.

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