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Eclipse Plugin for Processing

Note: This repository was imported from the original SVN repository on Google Code on Nov. 16, 2014. It is the current "best known" project that maintains this plugin. Yes, there are still some flaws.

Tip: Have you considered using IntelliJ IDEA? See Using Processing with IntelliJ.


The purpose of Proclipsing is to lower the difficulty of using Processing in Eclipse.

This Eclipse plugin bootstraps the creation of an Eclipse Java project that relies on the Processing .jar dependencies. This is different from the processing-eclipse experiment, which adheres to the PDE / codegen approach found in the Processing IDE itself.

It allows you to easily create a Processing project in Eclipse by simply putting in the path to your Processing app, the path to your Sketch folder (for contributed libraries), and then selecting the libraries you want. Proclipsing then creates a project with the desired libs (with native libraries), skeleton package structure, and a PApplet.

You can also add or remove libraries later with an option in the project preferences menu.


  1. Download a release .zip file.
  2. Unzip the file and place the folder in a convenient location.
  3. In Eclipse, select the menu item Help > Install New Software. In the dialogue that appears, select the Add... button. Enter Proclipsing as the Name:, and select the Local... button. Navigate to the location of your Proclipsing folder, and within, select the proclipsingSite folder and select the Open button.
  4. Back in the Install dialogue, select the Select All button, and then select Next >.
  5. Accept the license agreement and select Finish. If you are prompted to restart Eclipse, do it.

Here's an old Proclipsing Setup Screencast.

P5 Exporter

We've also teamed up with Daniel Howe, so you can get his P5 Exporter from the same update site. With P5 Exporter, you can export projects from eclipse similar to the way you do from the Processing IDE.

© 2010, 2016 Proclipsing Team & Yong Joseph Bakos, unless otherwise noted. See the license.