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datagrid for the rest of us
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Mergen: Data grid for the rest of us.

What does this do:

run a few mergen instances, they become a cluster, then use your fav. lang. and connect via redis client. then bam you get a fully distributed, fault tolerant, low latency, super fast distributed in memory cache/data grid.


Mergen embeds Hazelcast and serves your redis queries - converts them to hazelcast.

Redis has a ton of clients in different languages, see


Because i can. And hate not easily having a distributed memory cluster accessible from Python. Its 2013 and still we have to shard on client side - damn.

How to build.

to build this you need to clone to another folder and then edit Sorry its a little bit hacks and all for now.

Can i use this ? Is it stable enough.

No, this is pretty alpha, though it works, but never used in production, just for tech reviews.


Its fast. Its fault tolerant. Its scalable.

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