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Releases: ycashfoundation/yecpaperwallet

YecPaperWallet v1.2

31 Aug 05:12
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v1.2 fixes an issue in YecPaperWallet CLI where the system entropy was not being used properly in some circumstances, and the generated paper wallet depended on the user-provided entropy. (This only affects the CLI version of the paper wallet)

If you generated a paper wallet via the CLI and provided weak user entropy, your paper wallet might not be sufficiently secure. You should regenerate your paper wallet and move your funds off of the old paper wallet.

YecPaperWallet v1.1

21 Aug 01:47
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This version of yecpaperwallet brings support for diversified addresses. To use diversified addresses via the command line

./yecpaperwallet --diversified 5

This will generate 5 diversified addresses that share the same private key. For more info, please look at the docs

Also new in this version is an improved vanity address generator. The vanity address generator can instantaneously generate vanity addresses upto 15 characters long. You can now generate addresses with any prefix

./yecpaperwallet --vanity ycashf0undatl0n

(Remember that 'b', 'i', 'o' and '1' are disallowed characters in bech32)

YecPaperWallet v1.0

29 Jul 18:12
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The offline capable paper wallet for Ycash is here!

Use YecPaperWallet to:

  • Generate offline paper wallets for Ycash sapling and transparent addresses, using the CLI
  • Use the yecpaperwalletui for a user-friendly frontend to generate PDFs to store offline
  • yecpaperwallet also comes with a Vanity address generator for Ycash sapling addresses
  • Play around with the web version at:

Please look at the README for more details