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Commits on Feb 20, 2011
  1. fixed case problem

    fabpot committed Feb 20, 2011
  2. Attempt to create a reasonable default based on the rules enforced in

    rrehbein authored and fabpot committed Feb 17, 2011
      from commit: 14aa95b
  3. [TwigBundle] Allow arbitrary variables to be accepted as values for g…

    jmikola committed Feb 20, 2011
    This fixes a regression introduced when TwigExtension was refactored to utilize the Config component.
  4. [Config] Create VariableNode, which mimics ScalarNode but omits type-…

    jmikola committed Feb 20, 2011
    This allows for configuration options that must accept arbitrary variables. Even if the node's value is an array, VariableNode will not perform any special processing/merging as is done for ArrayNode. It functionally behaves like a ScalarNode.
Commits on Feb 19, 2011
  1. [DependencyInjection] Aesthetic changes on ContainerTest, consequence…

    yclian authored and fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    … of not using a formatter.
  2. Merge remote branch 'stof/default_template'

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    * stof/default_template:
      Use well-formed HTML in the default page
  3. Merge remote branch 'stof/escaping'

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    * stof/escaping:
      Fixed escaping for arguments
  4. Merge remote branch 'hidenorigoto/fix-profiler-header'

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    * hidenorigoto/fix-profiler-header:
      [WebProfilerBundle]link to the original url to go back to the application easily
  5. [HttpKernel] removed the bootstrap files as they do not belong to the…

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    … component
    As these files are just about optimizing the performance,
    they are now part of the sandbox and the upcoming standard
    Symfony distribution.
    It should also make your IDE happier!
  6. Merge remote branch 'stof/config_path'

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    * stof/config_path:
      Fixed path for finalization errors when using a prototype
  7. Merge remote branch 'dator/send_email_command'

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    * dator/send_email_command:
      Fix description
      Add an example using the options in the help message
      Fix CS
      [SwiftMailer] Add the SendEmail Command (for the spool)
  8. [TwigBundle] changed all Boolean to string in XSD as you might want t…

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    …o use a parameter %...%
  9. Merge remote branch 'opensky/TwigExtension-configuration'

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    * opensky/TwigExtension-configuration:
      [TwigBundle] Refactored TwigExtension class and implemented configuration tree
  10. Merge remote branch 'weaverryan/config_definition_changes'

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
    * weaverryan/config_definition_changes:
      [SecurityBundle] Allowing the main Configuration tree to allow "factories" without a validation exception.
      [SecurityBundle] Removing an old configuration key in a test - caught by the Configuration validation.
      [SecurityBundle] Adding the ignoreExtraFields option to the factories tree so that there aren't validation errors on all the other unknown fields.
      [Config] Adding an ignoreExtraKeys options, which allows you to let options simply be ignore without throwing a validation exception.
      [Config] Reverting some meaningless changes that are no longer needed to minimize the true diff of the changes. Increasing the test precision.
      [Config] Reverting the preventExtraKeys option. This is a revert of functionality that would have allowed "unnamed" children to be added to an array node.
      [Config] Moving the removal of the key attribute on ArrayNode onto the setKeyAttribute() method per Johannes.
      [Config] Renaming the key attribute removal property for consistency per Johannes' recommendation. Also fixing a PHPDoc typo per Stof.
      [SwiftmailerBundle] Removing unnecessary "enabled" key in a test.
      [FrameworkBundle] Removing the "namespace" key when it's defined in its own weird location in XML. This prevents that key, which we move in this same location, from looking like an invalid option during validation.
      [Config] Renaming NodeBuilder::nodeBuilder() to NodeBuilder::builder() due to the fact that PHP can get confused when you have a __construct() method *and* a method that has the same name as the class (looks like two constructors to PHP).
      [Config] Making the option to remove a key attribute optional.
      [Config] Renaming the NodeBuilder::addNodeBuilder() to simply NodeBuilder::nodeBuilder() to be consistent with the other names: node(), arrayNode().
      [Config] Making changes per the recent movement of the Config builder into the Config component.
      [DependencyInjection] Renaming allowUnnamedChildren to preventExtraKeys. Also moved the place where validation of extra configs occurs.
      [DependencyInjection] Being sure to remove XML-remapped singular options and key attribute options after processing.
      [DependencyInjection] Adding a NodeBuilder::addNodeBuilder() method that helps achieve a fluid interface when a pre-built NodeBuilder needs to be added.
      [DependencyInjection] Initial implementation of an allowUnnamedChildren method on NodeBuilder. Also added an "extra field" exception.
  11. fixed WDT link to the profiler

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
  12. fixed previous commit

    fabpot committed Feb 19, 2011
  13. [TwigBundle] adding two global variables : environment & debug + some…

    benjamindulau authored and fabpot committed Feb 18, 2011
    … doc blocks
    Use case :
        {% if app.environment == 'prod' %}
            {# e.g google analytics scripts #}
        {% endif %}
  14. [AsseticBundle] Sort Twig assets by name before loading for filesyste…

    jmikola authored and fabpot committed Feb 18, 2011
    …m-independent results
    Previously, the unit test was breaking in Ubuntu with an ext4 filesystem, while passing in OSX.
  15. [AsseticBundle] moved test

    kriswallsmith authored and fabpot committed Feb 18, 2011