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this repo targets for supporing POSIX standard better on NetBSD operating system.
We started from the posix test benchmark suite and
did some modifications both in the benchmark side and NetBSD current kernel.

How to Use This Repo

In terms of benchmark modifications, one can acquire by cloning this repo or find patch in patch/TESTSUITE.
For NetBSD related changes, one can find all patches in the patch/ folder.
This folder is organized by features. Each subfolder may have OLD/ folder,
which usually implements the feature in a different way, but not used finally.
So, at first, apply patches in patch/ folder to your kernel source tree, then
compiler your kernel, user land and install the new kernel.
Finally, clone this repo, and run gmake. From the logs of the benchmark,
one can see the status of each executed test.

How to Compile Kernel

Because there are too many ways of compiling kernels, the steps of making kernel in this repo is given below.
cp /usr/src/sys/arch/<arch>/conf/GENERIC /usr/src/sys/arch/<arch>/conf/CURRENT
cd /usr/src
./ -O /usr/current -U -j 8 -u tools kernel=CURRENT modules Note: always use -u
./ -O /usr/current -U -j 8 -u distribution sets
cp /usr/current/sys/arch/<arch>/compile/CURRENT/netbsd /
cd /usr/src
./ -U -O /usr/current install=/


The work is not completed, but you can see the current status from the errors.txt file.
The file works as a roadmap. Missing features in errors.txt will be supported one by one.

Effectiveness of Each Commit

I have keep a snapshot of the log from the benchmark and keep updating it.
Along with each commit, there will be the changes of the log, then you can see the effectiveness.
Example, git show 23b1580c69b31be95db234913b93b8a11fc4f89e


Following changes (both kernel and userland) have been accepted into NetBSD source tree.

The patch for the POSIX test suite is send to the community also.


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