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A parser for Unified logging .tracev3 files.

Project Status

alpha (experimental)

This is a work in progress.. Currently this does not support the first version of tracev3 which is seen on macOS 10.12.0 (which uses catalog v2). It has been tested to work on catalog v3 files used in macOS 10.12.5 upto the current 10.15. Also tested on iOS 12.x successfully.



Requirements & Installation

Python 3.6+ and the following modules

  • lz4
  • biplist
  • ipaddress

UnifiedLogReader (and the dependencies) can be installed using pip install unifiedlog lz4 biplist ipaddress

Do not download from here, unless you want the latest code. For development, if you only need the dependencies, use pip install -r requirements.txt


The script needs access to files from 3 folders (same on iOS or macOS)

  • /private/var/db/diagnostics
  • /private/var/db/diagnostics/timesync
  • /private/var/db/uuidtext

The tracev3 files are located within the diagnostics folder. If you have a disk image, just extract the diagnostics and uuidtext folders (shown at paths above) and provide it to this script.

Currently the script supports the default log output format, TSV and sqlite output.

Output options

SQLITE gives you every available field in an sqlite db
TSV_ALL gives you every available field in a tab-seperated file
LOG_DEFAULT gives only those fields shown by 'log' utility (with no options specified)

G:\>c:\Python37-32\python.exe c:\Github\UnifiedLogReader\ -h
usage: [-h] [-f OUTPUT_FORMAT] [-l LOG_LEVEL]
                           uuidtext_path timesync_path tracev3_path

UnifiedLogReader is a tool to read macOS Unified Logging tracev3 files.
This is version 0.3 tested on macOS 10.12.5 - 10.15 and iOS 12.

If you have a .logarchive, then point uuidtext_path to the .logarchive folder,
 the timesync folder is within the logarchive folder

positional arguments:
  uuidtext_path         Path to uuidtext folder (/var/db/uuidtext)
  timesync_path         Path to timesync folder (/var/db/diagnostics/timesync)
  tracev3_path          Path to either tracev3 file or folder to recurse (/var/db/diagnostics)
  output_path           An existing folder where output will be saved

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f OUTPUT_FORMAT, --output_format OUTPUT_FORMAT
                        SQLITE, TSV_ALL, LOG_DEFAULT  (Default is LOG_DEFAULT)
  -l LOG_LEVEL, --log_level LOG_LEVEL
                        Log levels: INFO, DEBUG, WARNING, ERROR (Default is INFO)