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macOS Artifact Parsing Tool
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macOS Artifact Parsing Tool

mac_apt is a DFIR tool to process Mac computer full disk images (or live machines) and extract data/metadata useful for forensic investigation. It is a python based framework, which has plugins to process individual artifacts (such as Safari internet history, Network interfaces, Recently accessed files & volumes, ..)

Project Status: BETA

Requirements: Python 3.7 (32/64 bit)


  • Cross platform (no dependency on pyobjc)
  • Works on E01, VMDK, DD, split-DD, DMG (no compression) & mounted images (good for nix, limited support on windows)
  • XLSX, CSV, Sqlite outputs
  • Analyzed files/artifacts are exported for later review
  • zlib, lzvn, lzfse compressed files are supported!
  • Native HFS & APFS parser
  • Reads the Spotlight database and Unified Logging (tracev3) files
Available Plugins (artifacts parsed) Description
AUTOSTART Retrieves programs, daemons, services set to start at boot/login
BASHSESSIONS Reads bash (Terminal) sessions & history for every user
BASICINFO Basic machine & OS configuration like SN, timezone, computer name, last logged in user, HFS info
BLUETOOTH Gets Bluetooth Artifacts
DOCKITEMS Reads the Dock plist for every user
DOMAINS Active Directory Domain(s) that the mac is connected to
FSEVENTS Reads file system event logs (from .fseventsd)
IDEVICEBACKUPS Reads and exports iPhone/iPad backup databases
IDEVICEINFO Reads and exports connected iDevice details
IMESSAGE Read iMessage chats
INETACCOUNTS Retrieve configured internet accounts (iCloud, Google, Linkedin, facebook..)
INSTALLHISTORY Software Installation History
MSOFFICE Reads Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other office MRU/accessed file paths
NETUSAGE Read network usage data statistics per application
NETWORKING Interfaces, last IP address, MAC address, DHCP ..
NOTES Reads notes databases
NOTIFICATIONS Reads mac notification data for each user
PRINTJOBS Parses CUPS spooled print jobs to get information about files/commands sent to a printer
QUARANTINE Reads the quarantine database and .LastGKReject file
RECENTITEMS Recently accessed Servers, Documents, Hosts, Volumes & Applications from .plist and .sfl files. Also gets recent searches and places for each user
SAFARI Internet history, downloaded file information, cookies and more from Safari caches
SPOTLIGHT Reads the spotlight index databases
SPOTLIGHTSHORTCUTS User typed data in the spotlight bar & targeted document/app
UNIFIEDLOGS Reads macOS unified logging logs from .tracev3 files
USERS Local & Domain user information - name, UID, UUID, GID, account creation & password set dates, pass hints, homedir & Darwin paths
WIFI Gets wifi network information

Coming soon..

  • More plugins
  • More documentation

For installation (to run from code) see
Other information/documentation, see

To download, proceed here -


Feel free to send comments and feedback to yogesh AT swiftforensics DOT com, or open an issue.

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