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This is my HOME, including shell environment, vim
configuration, and other misc dotfiles and scripts.
+Have fun.
+I've received a few emails inquiring as to how this
+repository is managed and how I intend for others to use
+it. There's multiple techniques for keeping a home
+directory under version control -- I'll try to lay out my
+goals and strategy here.
+First, a few things I'm not trying to accomplish: I don't
+use this repository to distribute or sync my common files
+between multiple machines (that's what the ~/bin/sync-home
+script is for). I also don't intend to use this repository
+as a source of backup -- I have a separate incremental backup
+and snapshotting tool for that.
+This repository exists mainly so that I can publish my
+environment and misc scripts, since I often find myself
+referencing them in conversations, email, IRC, blog posts,
+etc. I also like having a proper annotated change history
+for these files when things break.
+I don't suggest using this as some kind of prefab home
+environment (although that's certainly possible). Look
+through the stuff and take what you find useful with copy
+and paste or by copying specific files and directories
+into your own home - such is the tradition of UNIX home
+My home directory is a real git work tree. The repository
+data is stored in ~/.git. Some people like to keep the
+actual work tree somewhere else and symlink files into
+their home. I don't do that.
+One issue with this approach is that 'git status' can be
+overly noisy, since most files are not tracked and show up
+as "other" files. I get around this by ignoring all files
+that I haven't added explicitly -- this is as simple as
+adding a "*" line to the ~/.git/info/exclude file.
+Another issue is how best to handle machine specific or
+sensitive information (usernames / passwords, API keys,
+etc.) included in dotfiles. I simply do not add any files
+to the repository unless they're "clean". In some cases,
+that means not adding stuff that I'd otherwise like to
+have tracked. For example, I'd like to publish my
+~/.gitconfig file but it contains my secret github API
+In other cases, I've built up systems for dealing with
+this issue specifically. My ~/.bashrc file is machine
+generic but sources an ~/.shenv file (untracked) if it
+exists. This lets me separate machine-specific and
+sensitive information from stuff I want to publish. If I
+can figure out how to include a ~/.gitconfig-private or
+some such file into ~/.gitconfig, I'll start tracking the
+non-sensitive stuff under the repository as well.
I didn't write all of this stuff, or even most of it.
I've tried to include proper attribution and info on
distribution and licensing in each of the file's I
found elsewhere. Please contact me if you see something
not so attributed.
-Have fun.

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