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Generic framework for tracking subscriptions to things and emitting notices to subscribed users
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Support for non-cluster messages
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Adopted Spec Format


Subscription.objects.subscribe(user,content_object) # Subscribes a user


Subscription.objects.emit("comment.create", comment_spec,

Subscription.objects.emit("comment.create", comment_obj,
    subscribers_of=comment_obj.content_object, emitter_class=ModelEmitter)

The args/kwargs to emit() are more or less shuttled straight to the SUBSCRIPTION_BACKEND(s), which is a dict in your like:

  'email': 'myproject.subscription_backends.Email',
  'redis': 'myproject.subscription_backends.Redis',

Writing a backend

You can subclass subscription.backends.BaseBackend. Right now the options are:

  • instance
  • verb
  • activity stream spec attrs (published, target, object, actor)
  • subscribers_of - Gets the recipients from the Subscription model
  • dont_send_to - Useful for supressing comment messages to their own author, for example
  • send_only_to - Useful for other things I guess
  • **kwargs - Passed onto your backend subclass in case you need more info
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