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A naïve Pascal compiler built with Flex, Bison and LLVM.
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Naive Pascal Compiler

A naïve Pascal compiler for the course Compiler Principle at ZJU. In summary, it adopts Flex and Bison at the front end, and uses LLVM as the back end.


  • Simple Data Types: boolean, char, integer, real
    • string literals are also supported
  • Control Flow Statements: if-else, case-of, while-do, repeat-until, and for loops
  • Definition Sections: const, type, var, and routine sections
  • Routine (function and procedure) definition and invocation
    • including built-in routines: read(ln), write(ln), abs, sqrt, chr, ord, pred, succ
  • Operators: + - * / div mod and or xor not and comparison operators
  • Type Checking, and Implicit Conversion from integer to real
  • Case Insensitivity as per the Pascal standard


USAGE: npc <option> <input.pas>
  -emit-llvm    Emit LLVM assembly code (.ll)
  -S            Emit assembly code (.s)
  -c            Emit object code (.o)
  -O            (Optional) do optimization

One of three emission options should be specified. The output file will be generated under the same directory as the input file.

  • For LLVM assembly files, run lli output.ll to directly execute them.
  • For assembly and object files, run cc output.{s,o} to generate executables.


  • CMake 3.7+
  • Flex 2.5+
  • Bison 3.0+
  • LLVM 5.0+


  • refactor header dependencies
  • add more practical test programs
  • explicitly fix shift/reduce conflict of if-else
  • generate detailed error messages for Flex/Bison
  • do error recovery in Bison and codegen
  • support all built-in functions and procedures
  • support complex data types (string, array, record, set)
  • support var parameters
  • handle nested routines correctly
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