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A retro themed, two-player connect four game
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Barrett's Connect Four Readme


This is my very first website and readme, any feedback or comments would greatly appreciated! Please leave a comment on my github @yeahbq or shoot me an email at

Getting Started

Pokemon Connect Four is a multiplayer board game using a 7 x 6 grid. Two players can take turns playing by tapping on the respective column that they would like their piece to drop down to.


As stated from the creators of Connect Four,

To win Connect Four you must be the first player to get four of your colored checkers in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Technologies Used

  • Website created using HTML5
  • Styled with CSS3
  • Game engine created in JavaScript
  • Debugged using Chrome developer tools
  • All text was created and written in Sublime
  • Version tracked using git in terminal
  • Versions updated and kept online from GitHub

Development Notes

1. MVP

  • Dynamically create a 7 x 6 board
  • Playable by two players taking turns
  • Create winning and losing conditions
  • To be deployed and played online

2. Completed

  • Completed MVP
  • Added ability to check for ties and improved win logic
  • Added new game (refresh button)
  • Added Pokemon styling
  • Added nintendo 3ds themeing

3. Icebox

  • A counter for wins and losses
  • Custom game animations and sounds
  • Single player AI to play against

Last updated on 12/18/16

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