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VPESTS, a '90s virtual pet simulator!
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Project 4: VPESTS - A Virtual Pet Simulator! (created by Barrett Quan)

Getting Started


A google account is required to use VPESTS. On the home page, click to login, and you will be redirected to google to confirm your login credentials. A compatible web browser is required to play VPESTS.


Experience a blast from the past as you feed, train and clean up your VPESTS poop. Revisit the hype from 20 years ago that captivated the wallets of all '90s families. Click on the corresponding buttons to feed or train your VPEST. When the VPESTS can no longer be fed or trained, you will be shown a sad face. The VPESTS hunger and strength will be reduced over time and need to be replenished. Marvel at the wonders of VPESTS evolution, as he or she can take on a few form and species given the right amount of time and care is put in!


-Oauth login (google) -VPESTS tied to account login -Mongoose to CRUD user data / vpest data -Buttons to +/- vpests stats -Deployed online using Heroku -VPESTS evolutions depending on met conditions -Animated sprites


User Stories

User Stories

VPESTS Waffleboard

Wire Frames

Wire Frames

Technologies Used

  • Angular 1.5
  • Body-Parser
  • CSS3
  • Dot-ENV
  • ES6
  • Express
  • Express-Session
  • .git / GitHub
  • Google+ Oauth
  • Handlebars Templating
  • Heroku Online Deployment
  • j5.js /
  • JavaScript
  • Method-Override
  • MongoDB / Mongoose
  • Node.js
  • Path
  • Request

General Approach

For this project sprint, I closely followed Agile Deployment methods to brainstorm, create a back log, work on the top things of the back log, then repeat the whole process again. I spent the first day wireframing, writing user stories and creating routes/data schemas. Initially the entire project was written in jQuery and reached MVP before it was completely refactored into Angular.

Unsolved Problems

  • Configuring routes and redirects to be a true SPA
  • Repeatedly refreshing page sometimes kicks you to create new VPEST
  • Animation cancelling on first initial page load

Additional Features

  • Utilizing canvas to dynamically animate sprites
  • Refactoring animation functions to dynamically animate based off of species
  • Additional evolutions factoring in care mistakes
  • Multiplayer battling
  • Training mini game to actually increase strength
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