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Note This version of the frontend has been deprecated in favor of but can still be accessed here


Code style follows prettier conventions (yarn prettier). Commit messages follow the Conventional Commits spec.

Initial Setup

  • Fork the original repo into your GitHub account

  • Clone the forked repo from your GitHub account to your local machine

    git clone<your-gh>/yearn-finance-v3.git
  • Set origin to your fork. This is where you push your changes to. This is done automatically by the step above.

    git remote add origin<your-gh>/yearn-finance-v3
  • Set upstream to original repo.

    git remote add upstream
  • Create .env file in root directory of repo then copy contents of .env.example to .env

    cp .env.example .env
    • REACT_APP_INFURA_PROJECT_ID should remain blank because we are currently using Alchemy as our provider
    • REACT_APP_ALCHEMY_API_KEY alchemy api key should be provided by the contributor if he hits api limits

Making Changes

  • Create a new local branch from upstream/develop for each PR that you will submit
    git fetch
    git checkout -b <your branch name> upstream/develop
  • Commit your changes as you work
    git add .
    git commit -S -m "message"

Pushing Changes to your Repo

  • Commits are squashed when PR is merged so rebasing is optional
  • When ready to push
    git fetch
    git merge upstream/develop
    git push origin <branch-name>

Submitting Pull Request

  • Go to your GitHub and navigate to your forked repo
  • Click on Pull requests and then click on New pull request
  • Click on compare across forks
  • Click on compare: and select branch that you want to create a pull request for then click on create pull request


yarn dev

or for Windows:

yarn dev-win
  • To enable Dev Mode set REACT_APP_ALLOW_DEV_MODE=true in your .env
  • Wallet Address Override can be activated by navigating to Settings in the app and clicking Enable Dev Mode


yarn build
yarn start


We use i18n react with locize cli to update/download translations.

Refer to main repo for documentation:

Sync with: yarn syncDevLocales must provide api key

Check sync changes with: yarn checkDevLocales

Download prod locales with: yarn downloadProdLocales