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AngularJS - Testing Article

This is a helper repository which is designed to be used alongside the blog article on yearofmoo.com.

Blog Article

Click the link below to view the blog article which explains exactly what and how this application is used.



The Application can be demoed via:


Using the application

Install grunt npm install -g grunt-cli

And then be sure to install everything that the repo requires: npm install bower install

Development Mode

Run the following command to start the server grunt server

Then run this to watch the files and update assets grunt

You can now access the website at http://localhost:8000


Single Run Tests

Start the server to run e2e tests grunt server

You can run individual test suites by running the commands: grunt test:unit grunt test:midway grunt test:e2e

Or everything in order: grunt test

Auto watching tests

When watching tests, any save to a spec file will trigger karma to run the tests again for the specific test suite that is active at the time.

Start the server to run e2e tests grunt server

You can watch only watch one test suite a time. grunt autotest:unit grunt autotest:midway grunt autotest:e2e