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Proxl is a web application for analyzing, visualizing, and sharing protein cross-linking mass spectrometry data. It supports data generated by any software pipeline and does not depend on FASTA files created from particular databases.

More Information

Using Proxl

A server has been set up at for general use. Anyone can make an account, upload data, and view their cross-linking results. Note that your data are not public unless you make them public.

Install Proxl Yourself

You may run your own instance of proxl on your own computer. Please follow our installation documentation.

Demo Site

We have set up a demo website to demonstrate many of proxl features. Please visit

Proxl XML and Importing Data

To simplify support for as many software pipelines as possible, we have developed a XML specification dubbed Proxl XML for describing the cross-linking proteomics results from any software pipeline. Data imported into proxl must first be converted to Proxl XML. To learn more about Proxl XML and the import process, please visit our import documentation.

Converters for several major protein cross-linking mass spectrometry pipelines have already been developed. For your convenience, links to the respective importers are provided below. Please be sure to review the import documentation for more information.

Please send any questions, suggestions, or any other feedback to