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Fix populating unified_rp__search__rep_pept__generic_lookup.num_unique_psm_at_default_cutoff in importer.
Field now changed to allow NULL so need to run this SQL to update existing DB:

-- change field num_unique_psm_at_default_cutoff to allow NULL

ALTER TABLE unified_rp__search__rep_pept__generic_lookup
CHANGE COLUMN num_unique_psm_at_default_cutoff num_unique_psm_at_default_cutoff INT(10) UNSIGNED NULL ;

-- Set existing values in num_unique_psm_at_default_cutoff to NULL since existing value is incorrect due to importer error. For these records, the value will be computed in the Web app

UPDATE unified_rp__search__rep_pept__generic_lookup
SET num_unique_psm_at_default_cutoff = NULL ;

In Web app, display number of PSM not unique, computed as # PSM - # PSM

Assets 3

In ReportedPeptideBasicObjectsSearcher, do not retrieve value from
num_unique_psm_at_default_cutoff from DB since Importer is not
populating it correctly.
This will result in a query for each reported peptide that gets the
number of unique PSM that does work correctly.