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使用git log命令自动生成周报
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使用git log命令自动生成周报

Generate weekly report and save it to a specified file. Modified from pkyeck/git-log-by-day.


$ curl -O ""
$ chmod +x
$ ./ -r <path-to-your-repository>  # log file will be saved to yyyy-MM-dd.log.

# Or a little more complicated:
$ ./ -s last.Month -e yesterday -a someone -o logfile.log  # git log between last month and yesterday will be output.

Sample output:

* Update elctron-prebuilt version. Fix #11.
* Optimize user's avatar display in Linux.
* Disable zooming in the app.

* Introduce travis CI.
* Fix tar-all chmod.
* Introduce gitter.
* Update docs for the new release.
* Fix travis deployment files.
* Fix wrong regex which might cause stickers not showing in group chat.
* Force travis work.
* Update travis config and wrong regex.

* Remove unnecessary dev tools.
* Take control of quit event. Press Cmd+Q to quit, and Cmd+W to hide window.

* Modify implementation of listening message change, which caused scrolling jank. Fix #66.
* Revert <q>修正消息统计</q>
* Take control over reload. Useful when session timeout and needs refresh.
* Improve experience on the Linux platform. Specifically fix wrong app icon, add tray icon, add menu and override shortcuts.
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