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Intuitive local web frontend for sequence BLAST (www search form)
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SequenceServer - BLAST searching made easy!

SequenceServer lets you rapidly set up a BLAST+ server with an intuitive user interface for use locally or over the web.


Please see


You will need Ruby, NodeJS, respective package managers (RubyGems and npm), and CodeClimate for development.

Get source code.
git clone
cd sequenceserver
Install dependencies.
gem install bundler && bundle

We use Capybara with WebKit driver for functional testing. If the above step fails, install qt (On Mac: brew install qt) and run bundle again.

If you are deploying SequenceServer from git (not advised) you can skip installing development dependencies (and qt) by running

bundle install --without=development
npm install

We use jspm for front-end package management.

Run, test, lint, build

# Launch SequenceServer in development mode.
bundle exec bin/sequenceserver -D

# Run tests, code linters, and build.


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