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This project updates five of my goals as a beginning toward automating my student loans' payments at MOHELA on a Beeminder goal.

Do not commit your secrets to the repository if you intend to push your changes to anywhere public! This is your standard boilerplate Warning! Ignore it at your own peril.

Put your username into the secrets file and run mohela.rb with no change to view your own security questions; at Mohela login security procedure requires answering one of three rotating questions with answers you set.

Copy secrets.rb to super_secret.rb and edit it, or change the require. Enter Q1,Q2,Q3 etc, A1,A2,A3 with your own question and answer values, along with your username and password. Each time MOHELA sends a new challenge which does not already have a response in the secrets file, you are meant to add it to secret.rb -- it will print the unrecognized challenge for you, then balk and quit. You fix this adding each challenge and response to the variables in the secrets file.

You also need to set USERNAME (mohela), MY_WORD (mohela password), and AUTH_TOKEN (your personal Beeminder token) if you do want to use this project.