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Releases: yecdev/yeclite

YecLite v1.4.1

21 Jan 04:12
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Release Summary

This release is fully up-to-date with upstream Zecwallet Lite v1.4.1, including significant performance enhancements from upstream and support for full viewing keys.

Upgrading From YecLite v1.0

Because this is a major upgrade that incorporates over a year of upstream changes (including a completely new upstream user interface), the easiest way to upgrade from YecLite v1.0 is to import your seed phrase and wallet birthday.

Note the following new filenames for the wallet file and the log file:



and the new location of these files:

MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/YecLite/

Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/YecLite/ if $XDG_DATA_HOME is defined, or $HOME/.local/share/YecLite/

Windows %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\YecLite\

The address book format has changed, so you cannot import your address book from v1.0. The filename of the address book isAddressBook.json. On MacOS and Windows, the file is located in the same folder as the wallet file and log file (see above). On Linux, the file is located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/YecLite/ if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is defined, or $HOME/.config/YecLite/

Release Binaries

Mac users: YecLite-1.4.1.dmg

Windows users: or YecLite.1.4.1.msi

Linux users: YecLite-1.4.1.AppImage or YecLite_1.4.1_amd64.deb