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YecShell - A command line Ycash light client.

yecshell is a command line Ycash light client. It is a fork of Zecwallet Light CLI. To use it, download the latest binary from the releases page and run ./yecshell

This will launch the interactive prompt. Type help to get a list of commands

Running in non-interactive mode:

You can also run yecshell in non-interactive mode by passing the command you want to run as an argument. For example, yecshell addresses will list all wallet addresses and exit. Run yecshell help to see a list of all commands.


  • While all the keys and transaction detection happens on the client, the server can learn what blocks contain your shielded transactions.
  • The server also learns other metadata about you like your ip address etc...
  • Also remember that t-addresses don't provide any privacy protection.


  • If you want to run your own server, please see lightwalletd, and then run ./yecshell --server
  • The log file is in ~/.zcash/yecshell_debug.log. Wallet is stored in ~/.ycash/yecshell_wallet.dat

Note Management

YecShell does automatic note and utxo management, which means it doesn't allow you to manually select which address to send outgoing transactions from. It follows these principles:

  • Defaults to sending shielded transactions, even if you're sending to a transparent address
  • Sapling funds need at least 2 confirmations before they can be spent
  • Can select funds from multiple shielded addresses in the same transaction
  • Will automatically shield your transparent funds at the first opportunity
    • When sending an outgoing transaction to a shielded address, Zecwallet-CLI can decide to use the transaction to additionally shield your transparent funds (i.e., send your transparent funds to your own shielded address in the same transaction)

Compiling from source


  • Rust v1.37 or higher.
    • Run rustup update to get the latest version of Rust if you already have it installed
  • Rustfmt
    • Run rustup component add rustfmt to add rustfmt
  • Build tools
    • Please install the build tools for your platform. On Ubuntu sudo apt install build-essential gcc
git clone
cargo build --release
mv -iv ./target/release/zecwallet-cli ./target/release/yecshell


Here are some CLI arguments you can pass to yecshell. Please run yecshell --help for the full list.

  • --server: Connect to a custom zecwallet lightwalletd server.
    • Example: ./yecshell --server
  • --seed: Restore a wallet from a seed phrase. Note that this will fail if there is an existing wallet. Delete (or move) any existing wallet to restore from the 24-word seed phrase
    • Example: ./yecshell --seed "twenty four words seed phrase"
  • --recover: Attempt to recover the seed phrase from a corrupted wallet


Ycash light client library and CLI interface






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