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- periodically output some server status data to a text file, e.g. as an HTML table that can be included in a web viewable page
- stop sending to hosts who haven't sent any messages for some time
(it seems tricky to test if messages are successfully being sent over UDP)
- enable sending of string messages (might work already, haven't tested)
MYK> I checked this out and it works. I have added a mood message to the config and an SC example.
- enable 'send it right now' messages which an improviser can send to the server and will be immediately broadcast out to all improvisers
- upgrade the 'message counts' feature which keeps a count of how many messages have been sent by imporovisers and ignores them after a certain
threshold per cycle. The problem is that an agent can send a single message with lots of values in it and this registers as a single message, when
it should count as <length of list> messages.
MYK> now it counts how many arguments are sent in a message
- Maybe add a value to the config file to define the threshold for a message, i.e. how many of that type of message can be sent by an improviser
before they are blocked till the next cycle... e.g. lots of melody messages = good, lots of update clock messages maybe bad
MYK> I have done this as well