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Don't Starve Together

Dockerfile for building a Don't Starve Together dedicated server image.

This repository provides a Dockerfile for building a dedicated server for the online multi-player survival game Don't Starve Together.

Docker Hub hosts our image yeetzone/dontstarvetogether.


  • Configuration via environment variables.
  • World generation via default presets.
  • World generation via custom level data.
  • Mods with custom configuration.
  • Connected worlds via sharding.
  • Control the server directly on the CLI.
  • World persistence via volumes.


  • Configuration · Overview of options for customizing the server.
  • Commands · List of available CLI commands to manage the server.
  • Recipes · Collection of pre-defined server setups.


  • Discord · Join our Discord server if you have questions.
  • Discussions · Use GitHub discussions to suggest changes or ask questions.


Do you want to contribute to the project? Check out our contribution guide.

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