A tool to find and possibly fix backward incompatible changes in your existing codebase when upgrading to or preparing for PHP7.
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Migration tool to PHP7

This project is a tool for webmasters and programmers to migrate their codes to php7. It is so much better when optimize your codes rather than spend your money for more resource, Isn't it? You can get 200% more performance in php7!

Why PHP7?

Simply beacuse It's faster! You can save your money and spend it to build other things. Our measures shows PHP7 is 2 to 3 times more efficient than PHP5.6 which means you can run your programms on same hardware at least 2 times faster.

This project can handle all of my needs?

Short answer is NO! We tried our best to recognize breaking changes and fix them on your code but we don't claim all of them is handled. Also some of them still not implemented, for example if your code use mysql_connect, It's removed from PHP 7.0 and We currently do nothing about it.

If you need a PHP expert to walk you through the problems and upgrade your code, please contact us

Do you guarantee that my code will not be affected after your changes?

No agian! We publish this tool under MIT license which guarantee you nothing! Our solutions are general and basic and maybe they are not fit your code.

My codes are private and I worry about my privacy.

Please do not worry, We don't like your codes and your files deleted hours after you uploded them. But you can run this tool on your localhost or any server.Please read this guidance.

I did use this tool but I still getting errors.

Please send piece of your code and the error on a new issue and We'll working on it.

Do you recommend any PHP7 hosting?

Yeah, check JeyServer out! I heared about their directadmin shared hosting!

I like the project, How can I contribute?

Thank you for your kindness! Please read contributing guidance.