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A twitter API proxy extension for Flask microframework.

Know bugs

  1. Only supports Override mode (well, at least for now. Will add Transparent mode if I have the time)


  1. Test transparent mode with Hotot
  2. Convert this README into reStructuredText and display it on PyPI
  3. Documentation about customized deployment


  1. Support multiple platforms
    1. CGI on virtual hosts
    2. Heroku
    3. Run as a WSGI server
  2. Support multiple mode
    1. Override Mode: override OAuth signatures from clients
    2. Transparent Mode: passing all HTTP paramters onto Twitter (still experimenting)
  3. Support multiple storage backend
    1. FileBackend
    2. SQLBackend (using SQLAlchemy)

Using Flask-Twip

Configuration file example can be found at here.

Run test server locally

For developers.

  1. pip install -e git+git://
  2. Refer to

Run in CGI mode

CGI is supported on most web hosting servers.

  1. Create a virtual environment using virtualenv
  2. Install Flask-Twip using pip install Flask-Twip
  3. Refer to

Run on Heroku

Heroku is a widely used PaaS platform.

  1. Create a heroku project. Refer to Heroku's docs if you don't know how to.
  2. Add dev DB server to this project. Run heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev in the root directory of your project
  3. Copy files in to your project directory
  4. Push your project to heroku.

In order for the dev DB server to work, you need an extra step to init the database

  1. Run herku run python
  2. Type the following Python code
from app import be

You only need to init your database the first time you setup Flask-Twip



Gratuity greatly appreciated but not necessary.

Project is a member of the OSS Manifesto


A twitter API proxy extension for Flask microframework




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