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@@ -84,6 +84,8 @@ print is a temporary file, which is later rendered on the web page. In unit
tests it can be something else, which has to capture everything that is sent
to the log and then delivered to the unit test.

{% youtube SoXV_scCMNY %}

As you see, the default value of the `log` is `Log::NULL`, which is the
constant I had to define myself, as a default logger, which doesn't log
anything anywhere. By default, this class will log nothing. It will quietly
@@ -39,7 +39,12 @@ informed about everything I do publicly, including these webinars.

## 2019

{% webinar 12-06-2019 44 SoXV_scCMNY Logging, the Object-Oriented Way %}
{% webinar 03-07-2019 45 _d3AmqeGcMU How Much Immutability Is Enough %}
<a href=""><img src="" class="wnr" alt="Webinar no.44 by Yegor Bugayenko"/></a>
Jule 3, 2019<br/>
&#35;45: **How Much Immutability Is Enough**<br/>
Immutability is a virtue in object-oriented programming, but very often it is being confused with constants. Those are different things. Immutable objects are not constants and there are a lot of possibilities to make an object immutable but still ready to accept changes.
<a href=""><img src="" class="wnr" alt="Webinar no.44 by Yegor Bugayenko"/></a>
June 12, 2019<br/>

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