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vol-1 java sampe Feb 10, 2017 fixed from Janez Kuhar Aug 13, 2017
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This repository contains all code samples from Elegant Objects book, both vol.1 and vol.2.


8/13 e54ef498a (thanks to Janez Kuhar)

  • typo in Section 2.3: multiplicand replaced with factor
  • typo in Section 2.3: "objects of classes" instead of "classes"
  • Assembly code in Section 3.2.1 is fixed, it was not correct before
  • 32db197 reverted, we do need return there!

7/9 af90e7f01 (thanks to Mauricio Togneri)

  • new champion: android.view.View into Vol.2

7/2 7df68b002 (thanks to Christian Köstlin)

  • "a Factory Pattern" replaced with "the Factory Pattern"
  • "CRLF" renamed to "EOL" in Section 2.5
  • "synchronized(this.dollars)" replaced with "synchronized(this)" in Section 2.6.6

5/7 4c94462b3 (thanks to Krzysztof Szafrański)

  • Foot note about inevitable recursion in Fibo example

4/21 (thanks to John Page): multiple small typos

4/18/2017 v1.4 published (with Vol.2).

2/10 20cfbf9 (thanks to Andrey Valyaev)

  • The entire C++ example in Section 3.4 to the one you can find in this file.
  • Inaccurate C++ attribute definition fixed in Section 3.5.1: const std::string& print(); replaced with std::string print() const;.

2/8 9d84f5f (thanks to Andrey Valyaev):

  • Typo fixed in Section 2.5: "{ %s }" replaced with "{ %s }%s".
  • Typo fixed in Section 3.2.2: def events replaced with def evens.

1/31 6a57308 (thanks to Artem Gapchenko):

  • Object Oriented Software Construction by Bertrand Meyer was mentioned in a footnote, in Section 2.4.

1/7/2017 v1.3 published.

1/5 6f69b54 (thanks to Ilya Vassilevsky):

  • Semi-colon removed from Ruby code in Section 1.1.
  • Type in Section 1.3, Code replaced with Cash.

1/1 29f0ae9:

  • Java code in Section 2.6.6 was replaced with the code from this file.

12/25 8126324:

  • Right after the long Java script in Section 2.6.6 I added this text: "Of course, the script must shutdown() the svc at the end. I skipped that part for the sake of brevity."

12/14 32db197 (thanks to Andrey Valyaev):

  • Typo in Java script in Section 4.1, after print("Can't print; it's not a title.") goes return;.
  • Typo in Java script in Section 3.2.6: fee = 2.5 replaced with rate = 2.5 and fee = 3.0 replaced with rate = 3.0.
  • Typo in Java declaration of interface Exchange in Section 2.9: toUsd(String target) replaced with toUsd(String source) and return this.origin.rate("USD", target) replaced with return this.origin.rate(source, "USD").

9/12 9e3e7ff:

  • Typo in preface: thew replaced with threw.

8/20 v1.2 published.

8/3 71eeb7d:

  • A new footnote added to the paragraph talking about @RetryOnFailure Java annotation in Section 4.2.4 with a link to

7/15 13409df (thanks to Nicole Cordes):

  • Typo in Section 1.1: a extension replaced with an extension.
  • Class renamed in Section 1.3: IntegerAsString to StringAsInteger.

6/28 44420be:

  • C++ code fix in Section 4.4: Text t = new Text("/tmp/test.txt") replaced with Text t("/tmp/test.txt").

5/25 v1.1 published.

5/17 38f1ca8:

  • Broken section reference in Section 1.2 fixed.

4/20 9b245d0:

  • Spelling mistakes fixed and introduced automated spell checking.

2/22/2016 v1.0 published.