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Turns your data storage into an RPM repository
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This Java library turns your binary storage (files, S3 objects, anything) into an RPM repository. You may add it to your binary storage and it will become a fully-functionable RPM repository, which yum and dnf will perfectly understand.

Similar solutions:

Some valuable references:

This is the dependency you need:


Then, you implement com.yegor256.rpm.Storage interface.

Then, you make an instance of Rpm class with your storage as an argument. Finally, you put your artifacts to the storage and instruct Rpm to update the meta info:

import com.yegor256.rpm.Rpm;
Rpm rpm = new Rpm(storage);
// Do you need more operations? Submit a ticket.

Read the Javadoc for more technical details.

Should work.

How to contribute

Fork repository, make changes, send us a pull request. We will review your changes and apply them to the master branch shortly, provided they don't violate our quality standards. To avoid frustration, before sending us your pull request please run full Maven build:

$ mvn clean install -Pqulice

To avoid build errors use Maven 3.2+.

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