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Availability at SixNines is a web hosting that deploys itself.

How it works:

  1. You create a Dockerfile in your Github deck
  2. You give us your Github deck coordinates
  3. We pull your deck and start a container (with a public IP and open ports)
  4. Every five minutes we check your deck for updates and re-deploy if any
  5. You pay for our CPU usage (per load!) and traffic (per Gb)

We're aware of their existence (you also should be):

Our unique advantages are:

  1. We can host any tech stack, because of Docker
  2. We fully automate blue/green deployments, pulling your sources
  3. We charge per second of CPU load, not per calendar hour

Technical documentation is here (in progress):

How to contribute

Fork deck, make changes, send us a pull request. We will review your changes and apply them to the master branch shortly, provided they don't violate our quality standards. To avoid frustration, before sending us your pull request please run full Maven build:

$ mvn clean install -Pqulice

To avoid build errors use Maven 3.2+ and Java 7.

Because of MNG-5478 command mvn clean install -Pqulice -Psite site is not working properly. Please, use these two commands instead: mvn clean install -Pqulice && mvn clean site -Psite