Dec 13th, 2011 Meetup

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Based on feedback from our members, we've revived the tradition of short introductions at the start of each meetup. Everyone has 30-seconds to share their name and to answer a short question about themselves. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes to get through everybody, and is a great way to break the ice.

5-minute Ruby News

Seems like a quiet month, and other big news?

Upcoming events

Ask if anyone else has events to share.

Job announcements

Does anyone have any jobs they'd like to share?

Ruby Recap

Mark Bennett - Sharing your code as a Ruby gem in 5-minutes

Lightning talks

Ryan Jones - Twilio Voice!

Ben Zittlau - Mongoid and NoSQL DB's

  • This talk may be at a more general level of what NoSQL DB's are and when to use them, or at the more specific level of what Mongoid is and using it in a large Rails application. If you have a preference let me know on @benzittlau on twitter, otherwise it will be decided by how I feel when I sit down to write the talk!


No demos this month. We're looking for people to Demo their Ruby app in January. If you're interested email, or reply @yegrb on Twitter.

Talk ideas

Any talk ideas people would like to see covered.

House keeping

We'd like to start teaching Ruby to new programmers in 2012 and are looking for members interested in helping out. If you're interested in helping out please give Tom your name, or reply @yegrb on Twitter and we'll start planning.


We'll be having drinks at RATT until the weather improves.

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