Oct 18th, 2011 Meetup

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WHEN: Tuesday, Oct 18 @ 18:30
WHERE: 2-49, Computer Science Centre, University of Alberta

Ruby News

  • Rails 3.1.1 released, stability, performance and bug fixes
  • Ruby Toolbox has received a new look and some usability improvements
  • Bundler 1.1 coming soon, promises to make your bundle installs much faster
  • rbenv is an emerging alternative to RVM. Watch for more coverage.
  • Facebook has launched Facebook Developers HTML5 portal with coverage of almost everything HTML5
  • StartupEdmonton is launching Skunkworks. It's goal is to turn large companies with specific needs into customers for local start-ups. Register or contact @camlinke for detais.
  • Amir Barylko who spoke about using Capybara a few months ago, is offering YEGrb members a discount on his Clojure training course. Mention YEGrb and get a discount.
  • RailscastsPro — 9$/mo for even more awesome screencasts, and revised episodes from Ryan Bates.
  • We had a hackup at Original Joe's on Thanksgiving Monday. Much beer was drunk, and even a little code was written. The next hackup is Monday Nov 7th.

Talks (10 minutes)

  1. Ruby Recap (Beginner)
  2. Twilio SMS Overview / Implementing Twilio SMS into a Rails app / Twilio Dashboard & Statistics - Ryan Jones
    • Get the source and a copy of Ryan's presentation from his GitHub repo.
  3. RubyConf recap with @fnichol (Beginner)
    • Picks
      • "Algorithms" is not a four letter word
      • Services Inception with Ruby
      • jRuby: Polyglot Heaven (integrating jRuby with Scala and Closure)
    • Trends where fast tests, concurrency, and alternative implementations
    • Need a Canadian contingent!

House keeping

  1. Backbonejs Q&A with Derick Bailey
    • Do we do this instead of a normal meetup? Or make a seperate evening?
    • voted to do this instead of the next meetup. Will contact Derick to see if he's available Nov 15th.
  2. Thanks to Fletcher Nichol for bringing back a bag of Ruby shirts from his recent trip to RubyConf.
    • We'll be giving these away to speakers to say thank-you. Speak soon to get first pick!
  3. Future talk ideas?
    • advanced bundler
    • the meaning of self
    • rbenv
    • LocomotiveCMS — new, fresh, buggy, but promising tool for fast creation of simple websites
    • how to add documentation to MRI
    • doing CRUD AJAX with Rails and jQuery
    • Sprockets
    • HTTP Streaming (@RyanOnRails)
    • MongoDB (@benzittlau)
    • Ruby Implementations Overview: JRuby/Rubinius/MRI (@stormbrew)
    • Channel9.rb (@stormbrew's crazy ruby VM http://www.github.com/stormbrew/channel9.rb)
      • Or related: Crazy things in ruby you may not know about (eg. flip-flops) that I learned while implementing.

The next meetup is Tuesday Nov 15th @ 19:00. The next hackup is Monday Nov 7th @ 18:30.


We'll head to Original Joe's Varsity on 109th for food at drinks. If you can't make the talks then meet us here around 20:30.

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