Sept 20th, 2011 Meetup

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Ruby News

Talks (10 minutes)

  1. Ruby Recap (Beginner)
    • How to add JavaScript tests to your app with the jasmine gem
  2. Project Management Tools (Beginner)
    • Just the basics: stories/issues/bugs.
    • What are people using? Pivotal? AgileZen Trello JIRA? FogBugz and Trello. Anything else?
    • Demos:
      • Sean: JIRA/GreenHopper
    • A focus on Agile and small teams.
  3. Proc, Bloc, and Lambda with @darkhelmetlive (Beginner)
  4. Anyone else? CLICK "EDIT PAGE" AND ADD YOUR NAME AND TOPIC HERE (Beginner/Moderate/Advanced)

Demo (10 minutes)

  1. Daniel - Tinderizer (jRuby, girl_friday, Haskell, Readability)


  • Sean
  • Fletcher (@fnichol)
  • Not Mark (I'm in Europe!)
  • Dana Janssen - this will be my first time to a yegrb meetup. If you're reading this and never been to a meetup, you should come too! :)
  • Tom - unless Real Life gets in the way or it turns out I can't leave my kids Home Alone. Should be able to do a quick demo of AgileZen.
  • Daniel - LIKE A BOSS
  • Ryan Jones - Unless Fiance's water breaks
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