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React Native - Grid Layout Example

By default React Native's ListView renders as a table.

In order to change the table layout to a grid layout (similar to UICollectionViewFlowLayout) you need to do the following;

Setup the ListView container style

A ListView root element is a ScrollView that inherits the ListView's props:

    var ListView = React.createClass({
    // ...
        render: function() {
            return (
              <ScrollView {...props}

see source

With that in mind you can use the ScrollView's contentContainerStyle prop to style the ListView;

var GridLayoutExample = React.createClass({
// ...
render: function() {
    return (
      <ListView contentContainerStyle={styles.list}
        renderRow={(rowData) => <Text style={styles.item}>{rowData}</Text>}

Define the grid layout using flexbox

Using basic flexbox we can define whatever grid layout we want;

var styles = StyleSheet.create({
    list: {
        justifyContent: 'center',
        flexDirection: 'row',
        flexWrap: 'wrap'
    item: {
        backgroundColor: '#CCC',
        margin: 10,
        width: 100,
        height: 100

If your flexbox is somewhat rusty, I highly recommend you go through this guide

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