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import * as elements from '@yellicode/elements';
export class CSharpTypeNameProvider extends elements.DefaultTypeNameProvider {
protected /*override*/ getTypeNameForType(type: elements.Type | null, isDataType: boolean): string | null {
if (!type) return null;
if (isDataType) {
if (elements.isPrimitiveBoolean(type)) return "bool";
if (elements.isPrimitiveInteger(type)) return "int";
if (elements.isPrimitiveReal(type)) return "double"; // By default, a real numeric literal on the right side of the assignment operator is treated as double (
if (elements.isPrimitiveString(type)) return "string";
if (elements.isPrimitiveObject(type)) return "object";
return super.getTypeNameForType(type, isDataType);
public static canBeNullable(typedElement: elements.TypedElement, csTypeName: string): boolean {
if (!typedElement || !csTypeName)
return false;
// A collection cannot be nullable
if (elements.isMultiplicityElement(typedElement) && typedElement.isMultivalued()){
return false;
// Check the mapped type name (it could come from a custom TypeNameProvider)
switch (csTypeName) { // the following cannot be nullable:
case 'string':
case 'System.String':
case 'object':
case 'System.Object':
return false;
// Check the type itself
const type = typedElement.type;
if (!type) return false;
return elements.isEnumeration(type) || elements.isDataType(type); // isDataType includes PrimitiveType