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// Template options
@define('TWOK11_HEADER_IMG','Use a banner image in the header? (1120 pixels wide; leave box empty to not use a banner)');
@define('TWOK11_USE_CORENAV', 'Use global navigation?');
@define('TWOK11_WEBFONTS', 'Use a webfont, hosted by Google?');
@define('TWOK11_NOWEBFONT', 'Include no webfont');
@define('TWOK11_USERSTYLES', 'Include user.css? (You need to create that file in your template directory. Generator:');
@define('TWOK11_IMGSTYLE', 'Design of images in entries');
@define('TWOK11_IMGSTYLE_NONE', 'No border');
@define('TWOK11_IMGSTYLE_BORDER', 'Simple border');
@define('TWOK11_IMGSTYLE_SHADOW', 'Border shadow');
@define('TWOK11_REFCOMMENTS', 'Add link to related comment to comments (if they are replies to another comment)?');
// Lang constants
@define('TWOK11_NAV_TITLE', 'Navigation');
@define('TWOK11_PAG_TITLE', 'Pagination');
@define('TWOK11_SIDEBAR', 'Sidebar');
@define('TWOK11_PLINK_TEXT', 'Link');
@define('TWOK11_PLINK_TITLE', 'Permanent link for this comment');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_SEARCH', 'Search term(s)');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_NAME', 'e.g. John Doe');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_MAIL', 'e.g.');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_URL', 'e.g.');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_MESSAGE', 'What do you want to say?');
@define('TWOK11_SEND_MAIL', 'Send');
@define('TWOK11_TWEET_THIS', 'Share article on Twitter');
@define('TWOK11_DENT_THIS', 'Share article on Identica');
@define('TWOK11_SHORT_URL', 'Short URL');
@define('TWOK11_SHORT_URL_HINT', 'This link is not meant to be clicked. It contains the short URL for this entry. You can use this URL to link to this entry. To copy the link, right click and select Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer or Copy Link Location in Mozilla.');
@define('TWOK11_EMPTYTRACKBACK', 'Unfortunately, the contents of this trackback can not be displayed.');
@define('TWOK11_TRACKBACKPREVIEW', 'Show preview');
@define('TWOK11_REPLYORIGIN', 'Origin');
@define('TWOK11_FORMOPTIONS', 'Form options');