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2k11 – A new default theme for Serendipity

2k11 is supposed to become the new default theme for the Serendipity (s9y) blog engine.


2k11 is still work in progress, it will likely require some work on the s9y core and possibly some plugins to work properly. Use at your own risk, if at all.


If you do want to test it, your blog needs to run at least s9y v1.6. Extract the downloaded archive to /templates/ and activate it in the s9y backend. Might need a reload in the frontend.


2k11 is a responsive HTML5 template. It has a fluid grid layout which adapts to the visitor's screen resolution, even on smaller screens down to smartphones. 2k11 looks plain and simple by design, hoping it will appeal to as many users as possible. It is built using

Layout options

2k11 supports three different layouts, activated by pushing sidebar plugins to the standard left/hidden/right sidebars in plugin management in the backend:

  • 3 columns, left + right sidebars
  • 2 columns, left sidebar only
  • 2 columns, right sidebar only

(If you leave both sidebars empty, you'll get a layout which looks like 2 columns, right sidebar only – just without a sidebar.)

Theme options

  • Date format: Sets a date format used globally in the theme, i.e. for entries, comments, trackbacks, static pages. Basically for anything controlled by the .tpl files provided by 2k11.
  • Header image: Pick an image from the s9y media database (or leave empty to omit). This will be added as a banner img between header/search and navigation. It's a responsive images only displayed in screen resolutions higher than 600 pixels. Should be 1120 pixels wide to work properly.
  • Google webfont: Pick one of five preselected webfonts or the 'none' option to use Helvetica/Arial. These webfonts are included via the Google webfonts API.
  • User stylesheet: Includes an additional stylesheet. Note that this must be called user.css and you have to create it manually in your template directory. Also note that both this and the Google webfont option add an additional HTTP request which might cause slight performance issues.
  • Navigation: Global navigation provided by s9y core. Switches to an (additionally added using JS) select as a pseudo dropdown menu on small screens. Automagically suppresses links if link text or URL is empty, also has an option to not emit the nav at all.
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