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// Template options
@define('TWOK11_HEADER_IMG','Use a banner image in the header? (1120 pixels wide; leave box empty to not use a banner)');
@define('TWOK11_USE_CORENAV', 'Use global navigation?');
@define('TWOK11_WEBFONTS', 'Use a webfont, hosted by Google?');
@define('TWOK11_NOWEBFONT', 'Include no webfont');
@define('TWOK11_USERSTYLES', 'Include user.css? (You need to create that file in your template directory. Generator:');
// Lang constants
@define('TWOK11_NAV_TITLE', 'Navigation');
@define('TWOK11_PAG_TITLE', 'Pagination');
@define('TWOK11_PLINK_TEXT', 'Link');
@define('TWOK11_PLINK_TITLE', 'Permanent link for this comment');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_SEARCH', 'Search term(s)');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_NAME', 'i.e. John Doe');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_MAIL', 'i.e.');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_URL', 'i.e.');
@define('TWOK11_PLACE_MESSAGE', 'What do you want to say?');
@define('TWOK11_SEND_MAIL', 'Send');
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