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More fixes for lists.

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commit 76cbb17c8e7a3f09c19762a2d1b1d75bf05e60bd 1 parent 3e2b64b
Matthias Mees authored
Showing with 8 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +8 −0 style.css
8 style.css
@@ -455,6 +455,10 @@ fieldset,
.staticpage_content ol,
.serendipity_entry_body ul,
.serendipity_entry_body ol,
+.serendipity_preface ul,
+.serendipity_preface ol,
+.serendipity_commentBody ul,
+.serendipity_commentBody ol,
#extended ul,
#extended ol { margin: 0 0 1em 2em; }
@@ -463,6 +467,10 @@ fieldset,
.staticpage_content li ol,
.serendipity_entry_body li ul,
.serendipity_entry_body li ol,
+.serendipity_preface li ul,
+.serendipity_preface li ol,
+.serendipity_commentBody li ul,
+.serendipity_commentBody li ol,
#extended li ul,
#extended li ol { margin: 0 0 0 2em; }
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