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@yellows8 yellows8 released this Jul 27, 2016 · 59 commits to master since this release

See the repo README for documentation. Extract this archive to the root of the SD card. Make sure it's actually extracted into the root and not a dedicated directory.

Changlog since v2.2 release:

  • USA/EUR/JPN 10.6.0-X..11.0.0-X is now supported. KOR is now actually supported, for 9.6.0-X..11.0.0-X(the theme-data exploit KOR builds were removed since themes aren't actually usable with KOR). Read the README before installing this.
  • Updated for latest ctrulib etc.
  • Moved non-user input files from SD into RomFS, everything that was previously stored under that menuhax_manager directory for this will automatically be deleted if it exists.
  • Moved menuhax files stored in the SD root into "/menuhax/", the old data is deleted/moved in some cases.
  • Implemented cfg exec_type, see source. This can be used to force-{enable/disable} menuhax *hax payload booting at next Home Menu boot(this overrides PADCHECK).
  • A number of UI changes.
  • A dedicated message-prompt was implemented which is now used instead of {hold X while entering a menu for certain functionality}.
  • Removed support for deleting the cfg file from the config menu. The cfg file is now automatically created during menuhax installation if it doesn't exist.
  • Theme-data-related functionality(including additional menuhax extdata file deletion) is now only enabled if the cfg allows it, due to a theme-data exploit being installed.
  • The delay value used before jumping to the *hax payload can now be configured with menuhax_manager.
  • The unsupported_cver field for each exploit module is no longer hard-coded in menuhax_manager. During startup menuhax_manager will first download a config file with HTTPS, on failure it will try to use a previously downloaded config file from SD(this is seperate from the menuhax cfg file). The menuhax_manager app can't be used without this config file. The max-system-version field for each module mentioned previously is now loaded from this config. If the menuhax release version from config doesn't match the current one, an error will be thrown since this normally means the version you're using is outdated.
  • Updated HTTPC-related code. This now only uses HTTPS, even for downloading the actual *hax payload.
  • The data under menuhax_manager RomFS finaloutput/ is now stored with .zip. Previously the total used space on SD for the menuhax_manager directory was ~122MB, now it's ~1MB.
  • Implemented logging for menuhax_manager, a log file is now stored under the menuhax_manager directory.
  • Splash-screen handling has improved, see also README. Image previews are now displayed, the input SD image can now be loaded from any PNG stored under a directory, and more image dimensions are now supported for 2D / sub-screen.
  • Added a text file stored under the SD menuhax directory which can contain the currently installed menuhax version and exploit-name, from the last install.
  • Implemented the menuhax-thread, see README.
  • Before writing to the framebuffers, initialize them first for when the framebuffers were previously located elsewhere. Write to the primary and secondary framebuffers. Instead of storing gfx data at _end, a dedicated linearmem buffer is temporarily allocated instead.
  • Multiple ROP stages are now used with menuhax. Pre-*hax-payload, there's a total of 3 stages including the exploit. All of these minus the installed exploit are stored under the SD menuhax/ directory. Each exploit just loads stage1 essentially, where stage1 is exploit-specific.
  • Various changes so that the built binaries are smaller.
  • Updated theme extdataID handling for more regions. Only allow using theme-data exploits/functionality when the system's region supports it.
  • Switched to using 3ds_ropkit.
  • This now installs the oldest-sysver exploit module compatible with the current system-version first.
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