Team Twiizers DSi exploits
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This is the source for DSi exploits/etc for DSiWare savedata. This repo is originally from 2011. These DSiWare exploits were already released in binary-only form(2011). The only exception is 4swordshax from 2011, which wasn't publicly available until 2016 since it wasn't usable on DSi without(?) a nandmod(this is the only DSiWareHax that triggers in about 1-second after app boot before any gfx is displayed).

If you want a prebuilt binary for generictwlpayload(it can't be completely built from this repo), check the released exploit saveimages(for example here).


  • See repo description text.
  • polarssl
  • This uses code from/based on libnds/bootmii-MINI/nds-hb-menu.
  • fincs, for finally fixing 4swordshax to run an actual payload which runs boot.nds.
  • ...