Yelp Fusion API
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Yelp Fusion

The Yelp Fusion API provides access to the industry leading Yelp content and data. The Yelp Fusion Developer Portal includes tools & documentation for building with the Yelp Fusion API, and cool partner integration examples to inspire developers.

Our getting started tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to get up and running with the Yelp Fusion API.

Keep up-to-date on the latest API improvements & changes

We are continually working to improve the Yelp Fusion API. To stay up-to-date on development on the API, i.e. new features, bugfixes and changes, please keep an eye on the Fusion Changelog.

We also have a dedicated changelog for our GraphQL API.


Client libraries are full-featured interface modules that handle much of the request and response handling for the Yelp Fusion API.



The official iOS client library is yelp-ios.







Code samples

This Github repo includes several small code samples:


If you have any feedback for us about Yelp Fusion (bugs, suggestions, etc), please create a new issue on this repo. We'll be monitoring and responding to issues opened up here.

We've put up an FAQ to try to help answer questions you might have.