iOS app that allows you to track your Kazpost parcels
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Kogershin is an iOS app that allows you to track your Kazpost parcels.


Kogershin iOS app is written in Objective-C using the MVC architecture. It's built with Parse SDK.

Kogershin backend is built on top of Parse BaaS. Unfortunately, Parse was shut down, so this setup is not going to be functional. You can however use the source code for you learning purposes or modify it to build a backend on Parse Server.


  1. Clone the repo:
$ git clone
$ cd kogershin
  1. Install iOS app dependencies from CocoaPods:
$ (cd ios && bundle install && pod install)
  1. Configure the secret values for the iOS app:
$ cp ios/Kogershin/Secrets-Example.h ios/Kogershin/Secrets.h
$ open ios/Kogershin/Secrets.h
# Paste your values
  1. Open the Xcode workspace at ios/Kogershin.xcworkspace and run the app.


MIT License © Ayan Yenbekbay