A Menu Bar App that copies your working period to clipboard for Numbers
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Simple Duration
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Simple Duration

A very simple Menu Bar App that copies your working period to clipboard, so you can paste it into Numbers/Word. screenshot

How to quite the app

Right click the menu bar app.

Date Format

The content inside the clipboard is formatted 08.04.2015 08:00 12:00. But you can easily modify it in the code.

Status Bar in 10.10

As mentioned on stackoverflow NSStatusItem has since 10.10 a property button which returns you a NSStatusBarButton to configure.

Icon Format

I used a simple script to cut an image into the required icon formats. https://gist.github.com/yene/1b5e980a1af28f4f5d37


  • Add put into startup item to the right click menu. "Launch on startup" tick