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Here are a few of the more Frequently Asked Questions:

What Exactly Is YEN?

Currently, in its most simple and base form, YEN is a website (or web app). If we were to go one step farther, it's a social network for the decentralized community with features specific to the cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The community that forms on YEN is just as much the goal as the build of the technology around the application. And with the community's input, YEN will evolve as a product; this is not its final form!

Is YEN Decentralized?

From a purely technical perspective, the answer is no since we are not currently building the app on any specific blockchain (e.g. Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, NEO, etc.) and, as a consequence, we are not currently using any consensus algorithm or protocols.

Do You Plan on Using Decentralized Protocols in building YEN?

Yes! That is the hope and plan! We are always analyzing and researching new technologies, protocols, and systems in hope that they might fit our larger technology stack and implementation, but there are many well-known inefficiencies that still need to be "worked out" so that a platform and application like ours scales and functions appropriately. But, we can hardly wait!

Is YEN Going to do an ICO?

No, not at the moment.

Can I Invest in YEN?

Not directly, but, we have opportunities that we've created for folks to partner with us as co-builders through systems like Patreon where a small group of passionate and committed folks have become patrons for the project and are supporting us monthly through a membership subscription.

We couldn't be more grateful for this type of support because it helps us pay for the growing infrastructural costs and allows us to spend more time building and less time trying to think of clever ways to fundraise and cover the operational costs!

We also couldn't do this without the time and energy our Patrons invest in actively co-building YEN with us: testing the product, asking the tough questions, creating content, and growing the vision for what it could be.

When Can I Get Access to YEN?

We are currently in "Private Beta" and are onboarding select users slowly to test our technology platform and user experience. Initially, we have invited some of our most passionate and long-standing members of our community to help us co-create the product in this early stage. We will be opening public registration sometime early next year.

Current Onboarding Schedule:

  • Oct-Nov 2018: Alpha Cohort + Patreon Quartermasters (who joined before Oct 1, 2018)
  • Dec 2018: Quartermasters (joined after Oct 1, 2018)

We're aiming to onboard all QM's who joined before Oct 1 (Batch 6) by the end of November.
We'll send out an announcement on discord, livestream, and the pub a week before we're ready to onboard.

Who Exactly is Building YEN?

Great question! You can see an updated list of the CORE Team here in our YEN Handbook!

Why are You Building YEN?

As a team, our purpose and mission is to increase adoption of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized thinking through education, awareness, and even a bit of entertainment and fun. This is because we believe that the future is imminently decentralized and that our world will be a better place because of those changes!

The faster we can get to that future the better. And we aim to fulfill our mission by 1) staying true to our commitment to giving away all our best stuff in content and tools to our community and 2) building things -- like The Bitcoin Pub, Decentralized TV and YEN -- that can help to grow and build the community, the tokenized economy, and the culture around bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralized thinking.

But we can't (and aren't) doing it alone.

How are We Building YEN?

We’re taking a bit of a different approach to development with YEN. Traditionally, the team would go behind closed doors and tinker away at a product they think people will like and then unveil it to the hopeful masses.

At YEN, we’re taking the opposite approach. We’re actively engaging with our amazing community to take time to listen to what features they’d most like to see and how we can tailor and build the experience to best serve our customers, the users.

You can see a current list of our co-builders here.

How Does That Feedback Get Back to the Team?

A few ways: via structured interviews on user feedback and with users logging tickets for either issues or feature requests.

Users can create posts or comments on Yen and tag @yensupport with details around their issue or feature request. The goal is to address every tag within 12 hours and create a note (or link to and existing note/issue) on our Github Kanban board. From here, each note is reviewed by our Product team to create issues which are slotted into development sprints.

The feedback from the interviews is summarized and communicated to the team via the Kanban board as well.

How Does the Team Prioritize and Classify Tickets?

If there is an inherent issue with the existing site, it is classified as a bug/issue. If it’s new functionality that is requested to be added in the future to make YEN better, it is classified as a Feature Request. There are times however that things may blur the line and the judgement of the core team will be used.

Currently there are three priorities of issues:

  • High - Bugs that are preventing users from basic core functions (ex. transactions, posts)

  • Medium - Bugs that are distracting to but not preventing basic core functions

  • Low - Modifications to make existing features better

There is one bucket for all feature requests to hold all submissions. The priority of feature requests is evaluated at the beginning of each sprint against a larger picture of the future direction for the community and site. Depending on the number of requests put in via the @yensupport tag and feedback from user interviews, the priority of future features can be shifted.

How Long Has the Team Been Working on YEN?

Technically-speaking, the story began in early 2017 as @Peter & @John began putting the pieces together for a new community and project. But, the first lines of code and the concept of YEN began to really materialize in early 2018 (one of first "paper-napkin" sketches were captured in early February of 2018.

Learn more about the history here.

Why is it called YEN?

3 reasons, namely:

  1. John & Pete both learned to write software while living and studying in Japan (in the mid-90's) and one of their very first software applications was a "Choose Your Own Adventure Story" in BASIC! And the native fiat currency in Japan is the Yen (¥)!
  2. It is a "hat tip" and respectful nod to the creator of bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto. Of course, no one knows for certain who exactly the creator(s) is/are, but, we'd like to think there are some Japanese roots in there somewhere!
  3. The top-level domain URL is short and sweet! We were lucky to acquire it at a decent price!

I Have More Questions!

That's great! We will do our best to answer! You can always reach out to anyone on the team directly:

We also have a great community that can be found in places like The Bitcoin Pub where a ton of folks would love to also engage and answer any questions you might have (and spur on new ones)!

Where Can I Send You Stuff?

We love to get stuff from everyone! You can mail it to:

6050 Peachtree Pkwy
Suite 240-377
Norcross, GA 30092

What (or Who) is The Yenicorn?

That's our community-inspired mascot, a loveable creature who shares a birthday with Bitcoin!

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